On July 22, Saturday, select junior and senior seminarians of Society of Saint Paul took part in the Sambuhay TV Mass at SSP Makati Community. The aspirants were oriented in the St. Paul’s Audio-Visual Apostolate, representing the Alberione Apostolate Center of Saint Paul Seminary. The 4th year and 3rd year aspirants assisted with the technicals, particularly the cameras and the control booth, with the supervision of Fr. Restie Dela Peña, SSP (Sambuhay TV Mass Program Head) and Cl. Edward Dantis, SSP (Sambuhay TV Mass Director). The aspirants also took part in the Sambuhay TV Mass as lectors, commentators, servers, choir members. 

According to Sem. Lorenzo Bandillon, 4th year aspirant, it was “like an OJT (On-the-job-training)because it was a preparation for the apostolate of the Society of Saint Paul especially in the technical."

Fr. Dela Peña expressed hopes that the seminarians' involvement in the Sambuhay TV Mass will be greater in the seminary's second semester.