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We Remain One with Mary

on Sunday, 16 October 2016. Posted in iBelieve

Olan Tonsay

Jesus’ Mom
September and October are some of the months in the calendar with Marian significance. The birth of Mary is traditionally celebrated every September 8 while the Marian feasts of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and Our Lady of Fatima are commemorated October 7 and 13 respectively.

Keeping in Touch with our Faithful Departed

on Sunday, 16 October 2016. Posted in iBelieve

Ties Are Not Cut

If you’re thinking that this is one of those horror flicks, well, it is not. Keeping in touch with a departed relative or loved one does not necessarily mean you would establish communication with the underworld of the dead. There’s more to keeping in touch with a dead loved one.

Bathala The Almighty

on Friday, 29 July 2016. Posted in iBelieve

by Olan Tonsay

One of the “gods”

A few years back, a local entertainment network featured a television series, also known as teleserye, entitled Amaya featuring a brave female shaman-warrior who lived before the Spaniards came. She started off as a babaylan and later rose as a leader of a unified alliance of independent tribes and lumads.

Relevant Popular Religiosity: Atin Ito

on Friday, 29 July 2016. Posted in iBelieve

by Olan Tonsay

“Only in the Philippines”

You must have heard the phrase “only in the Philippines” in one of your conversations with friends or family members and from television. This may refer to cultural practices and traditions that are distinctly Filipino and we can all be proud of or something weird, outlandish, and bizarre. 

Conditioning for the Lord's Supper

on Friday, 03 June 2016. Posted in iBelieve

by Olan Tonsay

Appetite Spoilers

In your younger years, you heard your parents warning you not to eat candies before lunch or dinner as they might spoil your appetite and make you eat less. This did not happen once. It could have been repeated frequently before every meal.

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