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Ryan's Cradle

on Tuesday, 14 March 2017. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP


Achingly Conveyed

He sits a little fidgety on the bar stool. The intro flows in lightly. He closes his eyes and gently lifts up his voice: I’m jealous of the rain
/ That falls upon your skin . . . 
Then almost instantly, all the jitters dissipate. 

Simply Tina

on Thursday, 09 February 2017. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

How about we start off with some facts? 

First, scoring an interview with a media personality takes a whole lot of luck. Second, interviewing a media person, and a TV host at that, should be, like news reporting: straightforward and brisk. And third, I sweat bullets and stammer when interviewing a beautiful career woman. (The third one though is a pure opinion of my self-effacing persona.)

Jubilee for Workers of Mercy and Volunteers

on Saturday, 08 October 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis during the Holy Mass and Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“Who can learn the counsel of God?” (Wis 9:13). This question from the Book of Wisdom that we have just heard in the first reading suggests that our life is a mystery and that we do not possess the key to understanding it. There are always two protagonists in history: God and man. Our task is to perceive the call of God and then to do his will. But in order to do his will, we must ask ourselves, “What is God’s will in my life?”

A Roadtrip with Ebe Dancel

on Friday, 29 July 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

The moment my crew and I jumped aboard the car, I immediately wore my ear buds and listened to Ebe Dancel’s “Bawat Daan” for the nth time. As we inched our weary way through traffic, the song also drifted slowly: “Sa pagkumpas ng ‘yong kamay / Aking landas ginagabay / Nag-iisang tiyak sa isang libong duda / Silong sa iyak at pagluluksa.”

Shaira Luna: Embracing the Beauty of Imperfection

on Friday, 03 June 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

I whipped out my phone and showed her a photo of a woman which would serve as our peg for the shoot.

“Okay!” she giggled and walked back to the spot where I asked her to pose.

I snapped a photo. Then another one. Before I knew it, she was posing in her own way, so I just let her do her thing as I rapidly fired away. After all, she has been a professional fashion photographer for ten years now. And she made it this far neither because she carefully planned it, nor because she tried to imitate someone’s work; she has become a well-sought lenswoman because she deviated from the “perfect career” she was groomed to have.

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