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Still on Vacay Mode?

on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. Posted in Editor Digest

by Bro. Anthony Capirayan, SSP

As of this writing, I am sitting on the whitewashed sands of Boracay and watching the glorious sun lean its elbows on the horizon. The gray smudges on the sky start to clear and the summer breeze becomes cooler. The island everyone considers as the hub for party people has become to me a hermitage, a sanctuary for prayer, a shore for a drifting soul. Neither the conversations of the locals and tourists, nor the laughter of children frolicking in the water, nor the rhythm of reggae music at Station 2, could disturb my silent meditation. On this hallowed ground, in this sacred time, God touches me to the core.


One of the "Tapal Boys"

on Friday, 17 March 2017. Posted in Editor Digest

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

I was born to be a hard-nosed athlete. For most of my high school life, the volleyball court was my world and the place I was most respected. In my senior year, I became the team captain and was reputed to be a beastly ace spiker. Volleyball was the only thing I was really good at. And so I vowed to myself that if I won’t make it to the major leagues, I would a PE teacher and a coach rallying students to play their best.


on Thursday, 09 February 2017. Posted in Editor Digest

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

felt like doing a backflip (I broke my nose the first and last time I did it) when I received the news that Youngster slammed it big at the 38th Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA). The deeply coveted glass trophy had an inscription “Best Youth Magazine.” Oh man, aren’t those words music to the ears? The announcement sent me reeling with joy. And for a minute my breathing grew heavy in a good way as compliments flooded my inbox and Facebook page.

Pretty Cool, Huh?

on Saturday, 08 October 2016. Posted in Editor Digest

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

I press the clutch pedal down to the floor, turn on the ignition switch, shift the knob to first gear, and then slightly release the clutch up to its biting point. The car moves slowly as I give it a little gas. I apply more pressure on the accelerator and quickly shift to second gear, then to third, for a sportier feel . . . until my instructor tells me to slow down.


on Friday, 29 July 2016. Posted in Editor Digest

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

I love tees with typographic designs. So when I stumbled upon this shirt online, I never had second thoughts about availing of it. It’s a cash-on-delivery transaction anyway—a real dealmaker for a non-credit card holder like me.

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