Finish Strong

on Tuesday, 16 February 2016. Posted in Editor Digest

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

Whoa! I woke up one morning and my six-pack washboard abs were gone!

Alright, maybe I overplayed that. For one, I never had sculpted abs, and two, weight gain does not happen overnight.

Still and all, the truth remains that after a seemingly endless pigging out during the long holidays, my denims hardly fit me anymore, stooping down to tie my shoelaces is a bit arduous, and climbing the stairs to my room requires some strenuous effort. “Maybe, the feeling of being HEALTHY (read: heavy) is all in my mind,” I try to console myself. But the weighing scale does not lie; I have, beyond any doubt, gained some pounds.

So I am on board with my “Balik Alindog Project.” I know very well that if I want back the leaner, stronger, and faster me, I have to streamline my diet plan, set some goals, rethink my values, eliminate excuses, and start taking action. The pressure becomes even more intense as I’d be one of the brave, and perhaps even foolhardy, spirits who would be running a half-marathon for the first time on February 21, 2016, a race organized by The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. Bailing out is the last thing on my mind. And so, to make myself ready I run at least three times a week around the village, play some hoops, and pump irons in the days when I am not hitting the road. No, I’m not aiming to top the race. I just want to finish strong!

School year is now about to end, and certainly you would be preparing for the marathon that is your finals week. Maybe term papers have piled up that you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need more time to brainstorm and execute your group projects. Needless to say, getting ready for that so-called students’ “Hell Week” can drain your energy along the way. But how do you finish strong this school year?

Well, you can start off by picking up again your good habits and weeding out the not-so-good ones. Be tough enough to kick off procrastination. Stop hating yourself for not starting your projects earlier. Be excited and passionate as when you first entered the school gates. It would not also hurt if you do some “technology fasting” by limiting, if not totally abstaining from, the hours you spend on social media. Make this day your Day of Commitment and get your head on the game. 

Sure, it’s going to be rough and tough. Preparing for the finals, like marathon training, can be exhausting. But as my strong-willed coach from YouTube [University] would always remind me, “As long as you can still grab a breath, continue putting your foot forward in front of the other.” 

You got this, dear youngsters! Raise your arms heavenward and finish strong! 


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