"Tiwala Lang"

on Saturday, 23 December 2017. Posted in Editor Digest

by Bro. Anthony Capirayan, SSP

Sa EDSA po ba tayo pinapadaan ng Waze, Kuya?” I immediately blurted out after I slumped myself in the backseat. I was too exhausted to squeeze myself in the train, so I chose Uber, at the rush hour, for my ride home. “Opo, Sir,” the driver took a quick glance at the rear-view mirror. A break-up OPM was playing on the stereo. My cabbie of the moment was sporting a gray loose shirt, faded blue jeans, and Converse sneakers. He was a skinny guy with a slightly unkempt hair, and most probably in his early twenties. “Traffic din po sa ibang daan. Dito sa EDSA kahit papaano po gumagalaw,” he explained. I sighed in resignation. “Tiwala lang, Sir, makakarating din tayo niyan,” he smiled. 

EDSA is where the 1986 bloodless Revolution took place. Now, it has somewhat become “bloody” with its unbearable traffic jam. In 1986 it inspired hope and courage. It’s 2017 and it elicits nothing but exasperation, distress, and pessimism. A slew of solutions were devised to solve the problem and they worked out, if only for a while. Is traffic in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, a hopeless case? I’m starting to think so. But this young driver remained unfazed. “Tiwala lang, Sir.” His optimism edified me.

Oh, how I miss the times when my Facebook newsfeed was only teeming with cute dog videos, NBA highlights, and funny memes. Now, it is pervaded with the horrors of corruption and killings and road rage. Our society is clouded with darkness, so to speak.

So, where do we go from here? 

Yes, there is no optimal solution to this complex and sad reality. But we are not backing down, that’s for sure. As Neptali (yes, I checked out his profile on the app) would say, “Tiwala lang.” And thus, we forge on, even in the dark. Somehow, somewhere, there’s a silver lining in the clouds. Somehow, somewhere, there’s still faith, hope, and love around. And somehow, somewhere, in the mystery of it all, God is helping us heal our  “bloody” country. “Tiwala lang.”   


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