I am No Longer the Same Person

Dear Kuya Olan,

A blessed day to you and all the staff of Youngster magazine. I’ve been reading this magazine since I was in Grade 9. I am already in Grade 11 at the Sisters of Mary School-Boystown in Cebu. Kuya, I would like to ask advice from you regarding my attitude here in my school. In my elementary years, I was considered by my teachers as the naughtiest (pinakamakulit) in school. Well, it was because of my misbehavior inside and outside the classroom. Now it is totally different. Some have noticed that I am no longer the same person from my elementary years. Even my townmates say that my attitude has become the opposite of who I was.

Even how difficult my life was, I tried my best to do what was good, but there were hindrances and problems always. At times, I tend to commit mistakes and accumulate failures. I admit that I misbehave at times, but what hurts most is when my classmates criticize me and say unsavory words to me.

I am not an optimistic person, Kuya. Honestly, I just kept silent whenever somebody would criticize me. Kuya, I know that you could     help me.

#ThinkPositive of SMS
Minglanilla, Cebu

Dear #ThinkPositive of SMS,

It is really nice to know that you have been reading Youngster for the past two years and that it has reached out to youngsters like you in the Visayas. You seem to withdraw from people around you especially those who give feedback about you. The criticisms you get from your classmates, teachers, and folks in your town are reactions to who you are and what you do. People will not be talking or saying something about you if they have not noticed anything about you. 

There are some well-meaning people who serve as mirrors. They mirror the things you do. Try giving an analytical and objective perspective to what they are saying about you. I think it won’t be difficult for you to listen to them every now and then. Perhaps it may help you find your own self in the process. If you keep on looking outward and not inward, chances are, you may turn blind to your own attitude and character.

It is kinda ironic that you use “ThinkPositive” as your penname when in reality you have admitted that you are not optimistic. It is about time that you become one. Try checking on what others say about you and ponder on it. Make the necessary adjustments in your ways where you find it appropriate. And mind you, you are not the only person in this world who commit mistakes and accumulate failures—we all do! Nobody is immune to it. But what is great about mistakes and failures is that all of us can learn from and correct our mistakes. We can rise above our failures if we choose to do so.

So perk up. It is a big world out there waiting for you! To clamp down and withdraw from it will only rob you of what you can be and are capable of. Speak out and express yourself in a way that is acceptable to others. God will help those who help themselves. Help yourself; God will be there to assist you, and the many other people who wish the best for you will do the same. 

In Christ through Mary,
Kuya Olan


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