Incapable of Expressing Myself

Dear Kuya Olan,

Hello po, I am a student from the University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City, Camarines Sur. I always read the “inBox” column immediately after our teacher gives us our copy of the Youngster magazine. Sometimes I can relate with the situations of the letter senders and I can pick up lessons from your advice. They are really a big help for me and for us readers even if we just take a browse of what is printed in Youngster.

I am just thirteen years old, and I have gone through a lot of problems. I can’t help crying whenever I recall all of these problems, but on the other side, I have this subdued happiness knowing that I was able to get over them. Now it seems that I am incapable of expressing whatever I want to say. I cannot tell it. I do not know how I can let others know in a way that the persons concerned can understand them. This is the reason why even if there are problems, I am unable to tell them to my family or friends. I am at a loss as to the choice of words and the manner of which I am going to say it. It is really difficult.

I am not good with explaining things. I actually hate writing essays at times because I tend to repeat my ideas and I get redundant. I cannot get to my point. Honestly, Kuya Olan, I do not know if you understand what I am trying to say here. Sometimes I just stop and keep things to myself when I get really frustrated. I might end up crying and I do not want people to see me as such. I just want them to see me as a happy child. Now I know it is quite difficult to do so. Please help me. Thank you po.

Yours truly, 

Sofiiee Gg of Iriga City


Dear Sofiiee Gg,

It is so nice to know that you get to read the Youngster and find its articles useful especially the “inBox.” You know what, I can relate with your predicament. I was somewhat like you when I was your age. I stammered and stuttered a lot with my speech. I was already good with writing and my grammar way back then, but I was so lousy in expressing myself and explaining things. I had this inferiority complex and constant worry that I might get misunderstood, that people might get me wrong and get pissed off or angry at me. The only time I was able to get over with my difficulty was when I got into college.

It took me time to realize that the biggest obstacle in expressing my thoughts and ideas was myself. Yes, I was my own problem. Had I known that my family and friends were ready to hear me out when I was younger no matter how ridiculous I might sound and could have gotten to express my thoughts or feelings, good and bad, I would not have repressed myself. Now I am letting you know that you can overcome your situation earlier than I did. Seek out a family member or a friend whom you know and trust and who is ready to listen to you and still accept you. I am very sure there are folks out there who are good and willing enough to hear you out if you just give it a try. Worries and fears will always be there, but do not let them repress you and make you stagnate. Face your own fear; face yourself. Mistakes are bound to happen along the way, but mistakes are intended to teach us lessons that will correct our ways. Keep on trying. The writing will follow if the talking comes first. But before talking with anyone else, talk with God. He was, is, and will always be there to hear you out. Once you have gained strength from him, then you can face up to anything the world can throw at you. Have courage, my friend. 

In Christ’s care, 

Kuya Olan


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