The Confession He Made

Hi, Kuya Olan! I really love reading the Youngster magazine, especially this part. There are stories that I can relate to. But right now, I need your help.

It started just this summer. I enrolled in a summer class. I was not really interested in the class I enrolled in. It was just a requirement. Days passed, nothing really happened. I would enter my class then impatiently wait for it to end. Until one day, I ran into this guy, a guy whom I never thought would be a big part of my life. We became friends. We shared our stories to each other. He’s everything a girl would ask for as a boyfriend. I mean, he’s the ideal type. Weeks had passed and he confessed that he likes me. And I was like, “whoa!”. I took his confession seriously because little did he know I already liked him even before he confessed. And it felt like I was on
cloud nine.

Months passed and we’re still on the same page. One day, he suddenly asked me if he could court me. I did not know what to say. I don’t think I’m ready for a commitment. I’m a “happy go lucky” type of girl. How would you know if you’re ready for a commitment? How would you know if he is “the one”?  

Ms. B

Dear Ms. B,

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what’s inside until you open it.” This is the popular quotation from the movie Forrest Gump. Life indeed is full of surprises. Many things happen without warning, clue, or introduction. It is like being whacked by something that makes you stop dead on your tracks and wonder what has just happened.

Commitment is something that you have to fully put yourself into. It can be a task, a principle, an advocacy, and, yes, even in a relationship. Commitment will require time and effort from you. This would also entail that you give up some of things you already have, and being committed, you would readily give them up.

Commitment in relationships is a personal process that one goes through after coming up with a decision to do so. There is no such thing as a forced or unwilling commitment. You commit to something that you believe in. Entering into a relationship will require some degree of commitment. Knowing if one is ready to be committed is up to the person himself/herself.

There is no sure way of finding out if one is ready for it. It also has no parameters to measure it with. However, there are few points by which you can gauge if you’re ready. For me, it is knowing your priorities, and I mean real priorities, that will spell the difference between being ready or not. If there is any doubt as to the importance, need, or necessity of getting into a relationship, well, for sure you are not ready for it.

I now challenge you to set your priorities and find where having a relationship would fall into. Be honest with yourself. Avoid getting swept into a swirl of emotions. Be focused and objective. Pray for a wise decision. Get God into your priorities. 

Yours in Christ,
Kuya Olan


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