Making a Personal Pact

Dear Kuya Olan,

Hi, I’m a Grade 8 student studying in Manila. 

For some people, the youngest child in the family has a reputation of being spoiled, and I am the youngest among my siblings. As I grew up, I consciously restrained myself to avoid getting spoiled. So I made a deal with myself that I would use my own money from my personal savings to buy any item that is priced below 1K pesos. I thought that putting a peg on the price of items that I can buy will prevent me from getting “spoiled.” 

When I ask my Mom to buy me things that I need, I almost always end up losing them accidentally, and I lose them in just a matter of months after purchasing them. Like I have this swimsuit which costs Php3,800 that I lost in 2 months. Imagine? Just 2 months—how careless I can get!  After that experience I made a pact with myself that I will learn to take real good care of my things. But then I lost my pair of rubber shoes eleven months after making my personal pact. Most of the advice that I would hear from people are to learn from your mistakes, check your things twice, value your parents’ money. Believe me, I tried, and you can even say that I tried harder.

I am writing this letter to you to find some advice that would stand out from the others, an advice that is not common to hear from other people. Please I am desperate to hear what you have to say. I am giving up hope. I need something to restore it. I need advice.


Dear Careless,

I am glad that you have a good use for the Youngster magazine and that you are going through “InBox” regularly. Continue doing so and let your classmates know about it. 

Regarding your seemingly less mindful ways in taking care of your stuff, believe me when I tell you that it ain’t late for you to curb your carelessness or forgetfulness. I would not even call you careless and forgetful, I would rather put it as in need of prioritization and attention focusing. 

Prioritization would entail that you have to make a daily list of what you need to do, what you have to accomplish for the day, what you have to bring, and what you have to check on constantly. You got to learn how to multitask without losing anything in the process. The way I see it, it seems like you tend to set aside your stuff once you’ve set your attention into something else. It’s like wearing blinders that allows you to focus your attention on what is exactly in front you in any given moment and time. Having mental blinders would make you oblivious of the other stuff, work, and items that you need to check on at the same time.  If you do take off these attention blinders, your attention would cover many other details that were previously left out.

So try widening your attention. Cover everything else in front and around you. Just give it a good try. You need to be conscious about yourself too as well as your surroundings. Do let me know if it works. Ask God to help you out with these. Never give up doing so. 

In Christ’s care,
Kuya Olan


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