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A Roadtrip with Ebe Dancel

on Friday, 29 July 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

The moment my crew and I jumped aboard the car, I immediately wore my ear buds and listened to Ebe Dancel’s “Bawat Daan” for the nth time. As we inched our weary way through traffic, the song also drifted slowly: “Sa pagkumpas ng ‘yong kamay / Aking landas ginagabay / Nag-iisang tiyak sa isang libong duda / Silong sa iyak at pagluluksa.”

Shaira Luna: Embracing the Beauty of Imperfection

on Friday, 03 June 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

I whipped out my phone and showed her a photo of a woman which would serve as our peg for the shoot.

“Okay!” she giggled and walked back to the spot where I asked her to pose.

I snapped a photo. Then another one. Before I knew it, she was posing in her own way, so I just let her do her thing as I rapidly fired away. After all, she has been a professional fashion photographer for ten years now. And she made it this far neither because she carefully planned it, nor because she tried to imitate someone’s work; she has become a well-sought lenswoman because she deviated from the “perfect career” she was groomed to have.

Lang Leav's Pieces of #banat and #hugot

on Saturday, 20 February 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

Airborne Love

The “love month” that is February brings either a bunch of giggles or a bucket of tears to people in and out of love. Love becomes so palpable that the DJ’s playlist or the Spotify’s Smart Playlist cuts through one’s soul (Jimmy Bondoc’s timeless “Let Me Be the One” becomes the official soundtrack . . . again!). The dialogues in the movies pierce the heart like never before. The characters in the novel come alive and take anyone for a ride into the sunset. Ah, it’s Valentine’s and love indeed is in the air!

From Deep Within

on Monday, 15 February 2016. Posted in Inspire Hub

by Anthony Capirayan, SSP

Who doesn’t stamp his feet when singing “I Will Sing Forever”? Whose heart doesn’t melt when “Tanging Yaman” is sung during weddings? Can anyone push back her tears in a funeral when “Hindi Kita Malilimutan” starts to echo inside the church? Or who doesn’t get excited to receive the Lord in the Holy Communion when it is preceded by that jazzy-waltzy “Kordero ng Diyos”?


Stephen Curry: To God Be The Glory

on Saturday, 10 October 2015. Posted in Inspire Hub

Killer three-point jumpers from way downtown, sick crossover moves, and fancy assists—fans and rivals alike simply dropped their jaws in amazement: how in the world does he do that? The once lowly hero that was Stephen Curry became world-famous in the 2015 NBA Finals. Such a life force he was inside the court that he was awarded the 2014–2015 NBA Most Valuable Player and earned recognition as the Best Male Athlete in the ESPY Award.   


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