A New Beginning

on Friday, 03 June 2016. Posted in Liturgy and Worship

by Sr. Mary Martha Bruan, PDDM

For forty days we have journeyed together toward Easter during the Lenten Season. We burst into joy when we reached the summit of our journey on that night of nights when we stayed awake and waited for the moment of the triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ over death on Easter Vigil. It was a solemn moment for all of us when the priest celebrant chanted, “Christ our Light” while holding aloft the Paschal candle amidst the darkness of the night.

The solemnity of that night with the tone of exultation was felt when the priest sang the Exsultet or Easter Proclamation. We cannot help ourselves but rejoice especially when the Easter Alleluia was sung. We were filled with joy and gratitude to God for the gift of salvation he has bestowed on us through Jesus, our Risen Lord and Master. 

We are blessed indeed to have the privilege of making alive in our hearts the Resurrection of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, for fifty days during Easter Season. This is the time when we echo daily in our lives the Easter Alleluia and begin our life anew while savoring the freshness and newness of life brought about by the Lord’s Resurrection. Easter Season ends with the feast of Pentecost, the very day we commemorate the birth of the Church, the early Christian community. With the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of tongues of fire upon the Apostles marks the beginning of their new life with Christ. Having received the Holy Spirit, Christ’s Easter gift to them, they were emboldened to go out and proclaim the Good News that Jesus has risen from the dead. He is our Lord and Savior.

As a community of disciples, the early Christians started to live their life anew and bear witness to the joy, peace, and love of the Risen Lord by devoting themselves to the teaching of the Apostles (didache), communal life, breaking of bread, and prayer (Acts 2:42). They lived together one in mind and heart, mindful of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which helped them carry out their mission of living and proclaiming the Gospel with joy. These gifts of the Holy Spirit are piety, holy fear of God, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, and fortitude.

When Easter Season ends, your vacation from the school that gave you ample time to have fun of being together with your families, relatives, and friends is over with the opening of the classes. But the end is not the end at all. Rather it is a beginning of another chapter in our life, in your scholastic life, giving you the golden opportunity to learn something new and to meet new friends who can be your companions on your journey.

It is my wish and prayer that you may have a meaningful and fruitful journey with your classmates and teachers as you begin a new phase in your life as students. 

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